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About Me - My Personal Story

Many years ago I was diagnosed with an illness which at the time left me feeling scared, depressed, fearful and isolated.  I lost my confidence and I was unable to focus on my everyday life.  


At the time the consultant who diagnosed me handed me a leaflet and said “you can read up on your illness in this and any questions or information you want to know will all be in this leaflet.”  I walked away thinking, how can you be so cold-hearted?  There was absolutely no empathy, instead I felt like just another NHS number and not a real person with feelings and emotions.


For many years I was unable to get my life back on-track and all of those around me kept telling me to “pull myself together” or “to stop feeling sorry for myself.”


Like many traumas in life, unless someone walks in your shoes, they will never truly understand what it feels like and simply telling you to “pull yourself together” or they would say “stop feeling sorry for yourself” is not the answer.  I speak from experience when I say that when someone is first diagnosed with an illness it can be one of the most traumatic and loneliest feelings, so as the saying goes “who feels it- knows it” and from my experience that’s a fact!


My illness became so bad it completely took over my life. Unknown to me at the time along with my illness I also started to suffer from clinical-depression without even realising it.  Looking back I now remember when I used to fear waking-up in the morning and and going to bed at night.  By this time my illness took-over and controlled my life so much that it caused me loose my job, and that’s when my confidence really hit rock-bottom.  I felt like my life was spinning out of control and like there was no-end to the constant round of horrible feelings.


I was left with no-choice but to go and see a counsellor. It took months to unravel all of my issues and problems around my illness, but I found counselling really helped me to accept and face my fears. It was also key to helping me gain confidence and self-belief, to overcome the feeling of fear and to regain control and happiness for the first time in years.  In summary. Counselling was the catalyst to helping me get my life back on-track.  


Reflecting back to my illness, my counselling experience is one of the main reasons I chose to re-train and set-up Changes Counselling Therapy.  Through my own experiences, I understand the true meaning of empathy, care and understanding which are core values I now bring to my clients seeking a way forward beyond the challenges in their lives.



Sessions available in blocks of 6 or 12 Sessions (one hour session per week)


•  One-to-One Counselling from £45 per session

•  On-line Counselling from: £35 per session

•  Telephone Counselling £30 per session


Address: Greenwich, London, SE10

Email: changes.counsellor@yahoo.com

Tel: 07956 219 843


•   Full Cancelation Fees will be Charged if appointments are not cancelled 48 hrs before a clients session.


•   Home Visit Couselling (within M25 of London) £55 per session.


For further information about counselling and psychotherapy, please refer to www.bacp.co.uk